The Journey Home

Season 2

Going behind the scenes on the journey to your forever home.

The whole home-building process in 7 phases!

Introducing The Journey Home Season 2! We learned so much from our groundbreaking Season 1 and this season will cover 7 phases of the Home Design and Build Journey, right here at the O’Shea and Sons HQ – The Amulree Project!

Watch this trailer to hear Nick in his own words about what’s in store for The Journey Home, Season 2.

Episode 1 –
Slab Preparations

Nick sheds light on the crucial first step of any home build – the Slab Prep! Highlighting the fast and delicate dance so many trades do across the first few weeks, Nick takes us through the demolition, site clearing, reinforcement, pool prep, plumbing prep, and concrete pour with our highly skilled team and colleagues. If you want some insight on the average costs and time these stages take, give it a watch now!

Episode 2 –

It’s time for the “omg it’s really happening” moment – AKA, the phase where the framing starts taking shape! Just like the slab work, a lot of foundation work has to be put in now, in order to support the finishing details and technology that won’t go in place until some of the final stages of the project. Let Nick talk you through this exciting and crucial phase!

Episode 3 –

In this new stage of the build, we see what is commonly called the ‘Enclosed’ Stage. This means all the bits that keep the house – as you might guess – enclosed from the outside elements. A lot of preplanning goes into this stage, with material and style choices having been locked in weeks ago, to assure material delivery on time. 

Episode 4 –
The Fixing Stage

This stage of a build definitely has an energy of collaboration and teamwork, as we see all of our colleagues and crew descend on the site. The work that is done now will ultimately decide the quality of the finish of the home – and no matter how good your foundations are, if you don’t maintain that excellence in this marathon phase, you can fall short at the end. It’s why we’re so passionate about working with the absolute best Brisbane has to offer every time – because it pays off.

Episode 5 –
Practical Completion

In this next episode of The Journey Home, the flurry of Practical Completion is well on its way, and all trades are busy making magic happen in the Amulree Tarragindi Project. With cabinetry springing up, flooring going down, Smart Home accessories being installed, and more – at this phase of the build, you can start to fully realise the planning and vision of the Interior Designer!

Episode 6 –

It’s all about the ultimate lifestyle in this episode of The Journey Home! Now that the internal fixtures are just about done, it’s time to work on that perfect blend between play and relaxation, between inside and outside. By blending the styles of Palm Springs and Cape Cod, and working with our suppliers and experts in relaxation, the private oasis of the Amulree Tarragindi Project came to life.

Episode 7 –
Interior Decoration

In the finale episode of S2, we can see what the finishing touch of interior decoration can bring to a home. Beyond trends and flashy items, this home was styled for us, and our unique outlook and tastes. It’s a melting pot of all the family and reflects the values of the O’Shea tribe, all while celebrating the excellence of material and skill that Brisbane has to offer. This final icing on the cake made settling in as easy as opening the front door – it’s our home, exactly the way we wanted it to be.