Our Process

Your Custom Home Building Journey

Photography By: Shoot To Sell Brisbane

Initial Consultation

Your vision, our expertise

At O’Shea & Sons, every successful home build starts with a conversation. Your initial consultation is where we dive deep into your aspirations, lifestyle needs, and design preferences. Our experts, with years of industry experience, offer bespoke advice to align your vision with practical insights, setting the foundation for a home that’s truly yours.

Design & Approval

Bringing ideas to life

Transitioning from vision to reality, the design and approval stage is where creativity meets craftsmanship. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to your unique taste, we refine your ideas into a custom home design. Navigating the approval process with ease, we ensure every box is ticked, paving the way for a seamless build.

Photography By: Shoot To Sell Brisbane
Photography By: Shoot To Sell Brisbane


Quality at every step

Our construction phase is where the magic happens. Leveraging a network of exceptional tradespeople and suppliers, we bring your custom home design to life. Quality is our cornerstone, with every step meticulously managed to meet our high standards and your expectations. Regular updates keep you informed and involved, as we transform blueprints into reality.

Completion & Handover

Welcome to your “Life Ready” home

The final phase of your home building journey culminates in the completion and handover of your new home. After rigorous quality checks to ensure everything is perfect, the moment arrives to hand over the keys. Welcome to a beautifully completed home built with care, quality, and a personal touch that only O’Shea & Sons can provide.

Photography By: Shoot to Sell Brisbane

O’Shea & Sons

Why Choose O’Shea & Sons

Building more than homes

Choosing O’Shea & Sons Builders means more than just building a house; it’s about creating a home with a team that values integrity, quality, and community. Our dedication to excellence and family business values ensures a building experience that’s as seamless and enjoyable as the quality homes we deliver. Join O’Shea & Sons and experience the difference of building with a team that truly cares.