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“Our new home is everything we hoped it would be.”

Andrew & Marina, Coorparoo QLD

Custom Home Builders for Brisbane & South East QLD

O’Shea & Sons brings more than 50 years’ combined experience, and an industry-leading team, to create your dream custom home. We don’t just believe in building your house, but in creating your home – we take you on an exciting journey, so when we hand you the keys, we’ve created together exactly what you always wanted – and you’ll never want to leave.

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Affordable luxury homes

Your house needs to be a reflection of yourself – your tastes, your interests, and your personality. It’s why you’re looking for a builder who will understand who you are, and create a home that represents that, and why O’Shea & Sons is the perfect builder for you. When building your custom home with us, every surface, finish and material will be tailored to you (with our guidance every step of the way), so when we’re finished, you’ll know you’re home.


There’s no question that the exterior of a house is fundamental in any build, but it’s just as important that the interior is created to suit your needs; logical in its layout, and elegant in its appointments. Because of this, we keep the interior design in-house – this way, every consideration centres on the interior, and every space is truly made for living.

Excellence throughout

In our collaboration with you, the build process, and your interactions with our outstanding team, O’Shea & Sons is excellence from start to end. This excellence translates to efficiency, which means a build time of just 4-5 months – compare this to 9-12 months for other builders, and you’ll begin to understand the difference. We attribute this to the quality of everyone in the process – our team is truly the best they can be.

The Hamptons

A timeless design that has endured for more than 200 years, the Hamptons look evokes thoughts of warm summery days and relaxing at the beach, all year round. At O’Shea & Sons, we understand the nuances of a true Hamptons home, and will work with you to create a home that is your perfect Hamptons.

The Modern Home

Allowing you to showcase your personality any way that you want, the modern look lends itself to bold, prominent features that strike a balance between form and function. Known for architectural elements such as cantilevers, mixed materials and the heavy use of geometric shapes, the modern look is a staple for O’Shea & Sons.

Pavilion Home

Pavilion homes are the new black in the design world. Known for flexibility in both style & design and perfect to suit our Queensland climate & way of life. The key to the Pavilion is its ability to adapt to environment it is in– be that resort style, beach house or country life.

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Our work has been featured in a number of respected building publications, including Grand Designs Australia, Queensland Homes Magazine, Brisbane Beauty, Queensland Living and more.

"Design, Livibility, Lifestyle"

- Grand Designs Australia

"From sustainable finishes to multifunctional rooms, this home is seriously impress"

- Brisbane Beauty

"A Queensland home that hits all the right notes"

- Queensland Living

"Renowned for superior quality craftsmanship and is big on sustainability, liveability and affordability."

- Queensland Homes

"Mixing family and work in the best of ways, this Brisbane splitter development project has resulted in a HIA Finalist Award."

- Queensland Homes