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Custom New Builds

A brand new house, that feels just like home

At O’Shea & Sons Builders, our bread & butter is designing & constructing completely custom new homes that effortlessly blend luxurious design with truly functional living, no matter your needs. Our team collaborates closely with clients, lifestyle experts, local craftspeople and more to create homes that reflect your personal style, your needs and your dreams.

Dependable Development

Property Development that nurtures our communities

Professional property developers trust O’Shea and Sons Builders with their property development dreams in Brisbane, Australia. We passionately work with developers and designers to build homes that genuinely invigorate communities and suburbs. We have a proven track record of financial success for property development, and locals know and trust O’Shea and Sons Builders.

Photography By: Shoot To Sell Brisbane
Photography By: Shoot To Sell Brisbane

Character Builds

Because you still, love where you live

A ‘Character Build’ involves clients entrusting us with a home that, while rich in history, has reached a pivotal moment for transformation. This goes beyond mere renovationsā€”it’s about reimagining your space when you’re seeking significant expansion, modernisation for enhanced comfort, or simply a fresh start.

Our approach is to collaborate closely with you, preserving the elements of your home that hold sentimental value, while integrating indispensable modern features. It’s a comprehensive design and build journey aimed at creating what is nearly a new residence, ensuring that the essence of the original home evolves into something greater. This process is about substantial change, crafting a space that meets all your needs while maintaining its unique character.

In-House Interior Design

Interior Design that elevates a house to home

Our in-house interior design team works hand-in-hand with our build team to create interiors that are both beautiful and practical. We stay in-the-loop of the latest trends and technologies, offering you a range of design choices to suit your individual taste and lifestyle. By keeping our services in-house, not only do we speed up the process, we are also able to implement design choices at unique stages of the build, resulting in a truly vibrant home life.

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Your dream home awaits

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your bespoke building journey with Brisbane’s most trusted builders for custom homes.