Our services

At O’Shea & Sons, we’re a little more varied in our skillset than the rest – we’ve amassed a team that is not only the best at what they do, but has a broad range of skills, and this means we can provide solutions for a range of clients. We won’t just build your new home, but can renovate your existing house, develop a property that you have for resale, or provide interior design and decoration services.

New Builds

The term we’ve coined for our new homes is “Affordable Luxury” – it’s for that potential home owner looking for something extra special; not a house popped out of a mould, but a home crafted by collaboration with experts in the industry. When you build with O’Shea & Sons, every facet of the build is customisable – from the façade and general layout, to the interior styling and all appointments, it’s all about your wants and needs. With each new build, we wipe the slate clean, and start with nothing but your vision and a blank sheet of paper – that’s why there’s nothing like an O’Shea & Sons home.


We love philosophies at O’Shea & Sons, and when it comes to major renovations we have a very important one: make sure it looks like it grew there. A major renovation isn’t just an extension of your house, but an extension of your current situation, the path that life is taking you down, and your needs for the future – that’s why we love to do them. When it comes to our large renovations, we’ll take you on a collaborative journey, understanding what it is you love about your current house, what you’d like to change, and the vision you have for your dream home.


As part of our offering, we can manage the process of developing a block for a knockdown-rebuild, house shift and subdivide, a knockdown-subdivide, or rebuild of multiple houses or townhouses. We have the experience, knowledge and professional partners to facilitate all of these steps from start to finish, and can offer a complete service. If you own a property you’re thinking of developing, we can make it happen.


There are some parts of building a house which you just can’t outsource without it affecting the final product – we believe that interior design is one of those. Your home’s layout and interior appointment needs to be at the heart of your build, and keeping this in-house means that everything strikes that perfect balance between form and function. This expertise is also useful if you have an existing house that you’d like interior design services for – our extensive knowledge and expertise will mean you’ll never want to leave your home.