Custom home builders, from start to finish

With more than 50 years of combined construction experience, and an unparalleled passion for creating custom homes, O’Shea & Sons is your best choice for the construction or renovation of your dream home. From beginning to end, you’ll experience nothing but the best in all aspects of your build – with a team of dedicated tradesmen, and an in-house designer, the team at O’Shea & Sons is ready to turn your custom dream into a reality.


We Create a Home, not Build a House

The excitement of planning your new build, the joy in choosing all the elements that make it your own, the anticipation as your builder updates you on the progress – this is how the build process should go, but most of the time it’s stressful, unenjoyable, and leaves you with a bitterness that lasts long after you move in. This is the last thing that we want, which is why the process of building with us is not just seamless, but actually enjoyable.

We believe in a simple but fundamental philosophy – we create your home, not just build your house. From initial contact and engagement, through to consultation, and most importantly the build, we treat every build like it’s our own, and ensure the process is as collaborative as possible. This extends not just to the care that we show, but our input in the choices that are made – if a previous choice doesn’t seem quite right, or we think there’s a better way, we’re happy to amend the plan during the build, to achieve nothing but brilliance.

Standing Out Amongst the Rest

  • Speed of construction: whilst most custom builds take 9-12 months, we will build your custom dream in just 4-5 months. In line with our philosophy of excellence from start to finish, this is because our team is the best at every step of the way.
  • Expertise: anyone can take the best materials and use them in your build, but it takes real expertise to make the most of those products. Trust the capability of our industry-leading team, and the result will be a home that will take your breath away – every time you arrive home.
  • In-house interior designer: though the exterior of your house is paramount in your build, inside your house is where you spend most of your time, and needs to be at the core of all decisions. With an in-house interior designer, we ensure that the interior layout and appointment is a key consideration through every step of the process, willing to amend plans even as the build goes along to achieve the perfect home.