Brisbane Renovations

Major Renovations done with care

With over 50 years of collective industry experience and a passion for building people their dream properties, O’Shea & Sons Builders understands the effort, history, and love built into the family home. Our team is dedicated to truly respectful and impactful renovations that give the residents all the benefits of modern homes and hold onto all of the history already there. 

How an Architect and a Master Builder renovated the perfect home

Have a watch of this wonderful, inquisitive feature video of O’Shea Director, Nick O’Shea, and Project Architect, Daniel Zullo having a chat about the details, challenges, and undeniable successes of the HIA Award Winning Renovation, The Sebring Project.

O’Shea’s Stunning Brisbane renovations

When you walk into an O’Shea Renovated home, you’ll instantly feel at home. By the obvious nods towards family and community history, in combination with absolute luxury features, O’Shea & Sons understands how to renovate with purpose and respect. During the process of renovating a home with us, we draw up the lines of where the home maintains its personality and where we can bring it to the future. This means personalised meetings with the homeowners and presenting truly custom solutions to every project.