Hampton Home Builders

Hamptons Architecture Styling began in the 1600’s, as wealthy New Yorkers created a nest of holiday homes in the nearest beachside locations. The need for low maintenance, highly durable materials, blended with a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere informed the essential Hamptons ingredients we know today.

Our glamorous tribute to the Hamptons home

The Marston Avenue Project has been perfectly captured by the talented team at Unveil Films and Photography with Nick O’Shea.

Our latest Hamptons Build!

Thank you to our colleague and friend Patrick for walking us through this beautiful and sustainable new O’Shea Family Home!

Walk into a Hamptons Home and be greeted by: beachy white tones; airy, open spaces; French doors; natural stone features and table tops; oversized, luxurious furniture; varying textures such as linen, rattan, smooth timber, soft natural cottons; jute rugs; traditional multi-planed windows, flooding rooms with natural light. These gentle interior elements contrast with the strong masculine exteriors of stately columns, pediments and ox-eye windows and timber cladding.

 Since its start in East Coast USA, Hamptons Style homes have found popularity across the world, and Queensland is no exception. O’Shea and Son’s Builders proudly give Australians the ultimate beachside luxury in both style and quality.