Renovating with the O’Shea team means renovating with compassion, vision and style.

With over 50 years of collective industry experience and a passion for building people their dream properties, O’Shea & Sons Builders understands the effort, history, and love in the family home. With this, our team is dedicated to truly respectful and impactful major renovations that give the residents all the benefits of modern homes and hold onto all of the history already there.

What kind of Renovations do we do?

Our speciality is in Major Renovations – this means we’re taking the whole picture of your lifestyle, dreams and future needs and putting it front and centre of what your home should look and feel like. Additionally, we are experienced and passionate about knockdown + rebuilds.

You’ve lived in your community for years – your family, your work, your life is here – but you’ve either outgrown your home or it’s not reflecting your needs today and into the future.  That’s where we come in. With our expert team, you can have all the magic of a brand new, truly custom home – sometimes in as little as five months! All of this means that you can now wholeheartedly love the home you’re in.

– Our Mission –


O’Shea & Sons is a family company. As such, we have a unique and passionate understanding of respecting the history of a family home. During the process of renovating a home with us, we draw up the lines of where the home maintains its personality and where we can bring it to the future. This means personalised meetings with the homeowners and presenting truly custom solutions to every project.

Making it last for generations to come

An important and common reason for the renovation of the family home is making it more efficient and repairing the signs of age. We carefully repair and restore features that are important for the family, but also find ways to integrate environmentally conscious materials and technology that ensures a long and comfortable future for generations to come. 

Quality above all else

Our 50 years of experience and unique connections to the Queensland building community means that we have access to the best materials and tradesmen for every type of job – incredibly important for the particular needs of home restorations and renovations. With O’Shea and Son’s Builders, you can trust us to source and supply artisans for any unique feature of your home, or the perfect materials for important new inclusions in a home.

Have a look at some of our past Major Renovation Projects

Why Renovate with O’Shea?

Kristian approached us to work on the major renovation of the stunning 1930’s Character Home, the Carew Project as part of a larger development of this amazing South Queenland property.

Renovation Walk Through

Let Nick walk you through some of the details of the amazing Lockyer St Major Renovation completed in 2019. Want to know more about the process? Hear it straight from the owner of this brilliant, mulit-generational home, here.