John & Maree O’Shea

Building a family legacy…

As we start to get into the flurry of finishing up another incredible year at O’Shea and Sons Builders, we thought it would be a great time to look back on the history behind this unique Queensland family business and how John and Maree O’Shea turned a dedication to family and craftsmanship to a legacy our family will continue for generations.

John, Nick’s father, grew up on a dairy farm and it was his father’s desire that he would take over the dairy farm – as was the common story for many rural Queensland families. However, he had a love for carpentry and started his apprenticeship at 19 years old in country Queensland!

After cutting his teeth both in the domestic and commercial building market in Toowoomba, his skills and reliability sent him to work all around South East Queensland.

He joined the crew at Queensland Housing and climbed the ranks, moving into a building inspector role that took him and his young family all around Queensland. The time came to finally settle down into one spot and they picked the bustling Brisbane in 1992! Never one to just do one thing, John continued building their own family homes and taking on smaller projects throughout Brisbane while maintaining his position within QLD Housing.

Maree, being a proud Builders Wife, actively contributing to the building of their own family homes, all while wrangling a busy family – she developed a  love for interior design and an understanding of the building industry and all its potential!

Maree had also worked for Queensland Housing for many years, and then boldly decided to bet on herself and her passion – taking on furthering her studies in interior design and decorating! Between her own role at Queensland Housing, raising her family, supporting John, and her studies – Maree was a shining example of dedication and hard work.

After watching his Mum and Dad being such active members of the Queensland Building Community, from a young age Nick started to work on projects with his Dad and caught the building bug. As O’Shea & Sons Builders was born, John and Maree guided and then joined the team to help shape it into what it is today.