The art of indoor living in the Sunshine State.

A big part of the appeal of living in the South East of Queensland is the beautiful weather and the outdoor living lifestyle. There’s nothing better than taking in the plentiful sun, and retreating into the house when it comes time to retire for the day.

That can become a bit of an issue when something like a global pandemic (yes, we’re talking about covid 19) occurs.

While it might seem impossible at times to live so much indoors, it could actually be an opportunity to hone your indoor living finesse. Or perhaps it’s time for a little bit of an interior design shuffle – your designer home is only as good outside as it is in, after all.

So, here are some of our top tips for living indoors.

Buy indoor plants.

If you haven’t yet discovered the joys of indoor plants, now is the time. Indoor plants give your home a natural feel, and in times like these, where we probably need to be extra mindful to connect with nature, this is critical.

Keeping plants inside healthy and thriving is an art in itself, so it’s a great activity to keep you engaged at home. In general, indoor plants love bright indirect light, and actually need less water than you think – more is not necessarily a good thing. 

For more tips on how indoor plants can enhance your living areas go here. We have a feeling it’ll change the way you decorate even after all these social distancing measures have been lifted.

Rearrange your interior design

How long has the current configuration of your interior design been the same?

We won’t be surprised if you answered “a long time”. We are creatures of comfort, and while there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, sometimes comfort can quickly turn stale. When we are in the same space for too long it loses its freshness, and far from comforted we can actually feel irritable and somewhat suffocated.

The great thing about interior design is that it’s never permanent. 

We suggest starting with clutter: getting rid of all the stuff that has been piling up on tables over time, or getting rid of chairs that are never used… and that dingy rug that has been there for way too long? Yeh, time for that to go.

Once that has been done you can begin to think about how you want to rearrange your room/s. Think about what is most important to have in a particular room and what that room’s purpose is, but also what brings a sense of joy. 

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, now is the time to read her ideas on how to bring the most amount of joy and freshness to your interior design!

Get a routine

This one is less about how your house is set up and more about how you live in it. No doubt your usual routines have been disrupted and this can be very disorienting.

The quicker you can establish a routine the better off everyone you, and everyone you live with will be. We recommend starting the day with exercise, (and if you can, outside is better!). Know when you can use certain areas of the house and communicate with those you live with as best you can.

Ultimately, if you’re creative and willing to adapt, you may just find there is a lot of unexpected joy to be had in the great indoors!