Luxury Interior Design

Luxury interior design for your home is just as important as a good looking exterior.

So you’re building your luxury dream home, you’ve seen all the styles from Pavilion to Hampton and you’ve fallen in love with the look of your house – from the outside. Now it’s time to think about the interior design.

Luxury is not something that can be defined in any simple manner; it will mean different things to different people. Perhaps to one, it conjures imagery of simplicity and refinement: softly washed white walls with only the vaguest touch of decoration. To another, it might bring to mind a room full of extravagance, with ornate and precious antiques adorning the walls and vintage tables.

To yet another, it could mean extreme comfort, or perhaps you want a Warhol-inspired home: drenched with bold art and strong colour.

Whatever it is, the only real criteria for how to design the interior of your home in the most luxurious manner possible is how luxurious you feel inside your home.

The interior designer.

As much as you want to get that flush of joy every time you drive back to see your stylish home welcoming you with open arms. The chances are that you’ll spend far more time indoors than you will be adoring your home from the outside.

This is where the interior designer comes into their element.

A good interior designer is far more than someone who just makes things look pretty: they plan, research, coordinate and manage projects to create interior environments. This can be from enhancing a pre-existing space to working closely with the builders and architects at the planning stage.

Perhaps they could be considered the modern version of the ancient Feng Shui artisans. That’s not to say that interior designs rely on superstition, not at all, rather it is to say that interior design is a complex and multifaceted skill, one that takes years to hone.

Interior design might not just mean what’s inside your home, it could be as simple and elegant as arranging a room so as to give you the best possible views of the Brisbane river, for example.

A good interior designer will work with you to figure out your tastes and what luxury means to you, while offering their expertise to help open your mind to possibilities that perhaps you’d never thought of before.

If you’re building a home from scratch – particularly one with an emphasis on luxury – an interior designer is indispensable. Their job is, in essence, focuses on how you can gain as much joy as possible in the place you are likely to spend most of your time!

Design Decoration.

Decoration almost seems too trite a word to use when considering how to bring luxury into the interior of your home. It might not be a stretch to consider the walls within a blank canvas and to treat them as a fine artist would treat their pièce de résistance.

There are many ways to think about how to approach the artwork within your home. But don’t fall into the trap of restricting yourself by thinking of art purely as paintings on your wall. Picasso said:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Therefore, rather than thinking about decoration and art as something mysterious, unattainable or esoteric, when thinking about it in the context of your home you could ask the question “does this space wash away the dust from my day?” In other words, the ultimate luxury may not be to have the most ornate, extravagant pieces of sculpture or antiquity in your house, it may simply be that you walk inside and feel your whole self breathe and relax.

Perhaps a sense of rest is the greatest luxury.

The design industry may well try to convince you to have all the latest and fanciest trinkets to make your house trendy and modern, but ultimately it’s you who has to live in your home day by day, so make sure luxury means luxury for you!

Interior Inspiration.

To get you thinking about what interior luxury might mean for you, here are a couple of examples of some of the different possibilities that might work for you.