Features to Include in Your Luxury Custom Kitchen

If you are considering building your own home from scratch, you may want to take this opportunity to add some luxury features to your custom kitchen. Think about it; you spend a great deal of time in your kitchen: eating breakfasts, prepping lunches, and making home-made dinners. Your kitchen is the hub of your home. You will spend time here doing homework with the kids or drinking wine with friends on a Saturday night. It’s the heart of your home, so jazz it up with a little luxury!

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are a great feature to have in your home. Not only does it look great, it also makes the functionality of your kitchen so much stronger. A kitchen island introduces extra space for food preparation, and extra hidey holes for storing all your kitchenware. Add some bar stools and you have yourself another dining area in your home. Consider installing some key appliances into your kitchen islands. Simple things like an extra sink are fantastic when you are busy preparing a meal. Contemplate installing your oven into your kitchen island, so it looks sleek and central in your home.

Counter Tops

One of the greatest advantages of building your home from scratch is choosing every single cosmetic detail. When choosing your counter tops, use a material that looks fantastic, but is also easy to clean! Things like marble and quartz are quite neutral in tone and are super easy to wipe up.

Hidden Appliances

In the morning when it’s breakfast time, the kitchen bench becomes a chaotic hub for appliances. The toaster comes out, and so does the kettle. The coffee machine makes an appearance, and the microwave beeps away. Save yourself the clutter by creating hidden spaces in your home for these to live.

Create a space in your cabinetry near your fridge for your coffee machine, and a sneaky hidden shelf for your toaster and kettle. Install power points in these locations so your devices are always charged and ready to go. Now you have a clean, decluttered kitchen giving you a fresh start to the day.


Think about every time you have ever needed to cater a party. Your oven is never big enough for all the things you need it to do! Instead of installing a regular oven, replace it with a double. Now the next time you’re cooking a roast dinner, you can fit the roast in the top and the baked veggies in the bottom. It saves you time!

Walk in Pantry

A walk-in pantry is so much more functional then your everyday standard pantry. In a regular pantry, every item tends to be shoved in, and often the BBQ Sauce gets lost in the depths of the shelves. A walk-in pantry allows you to organise and display your products in a way that suits you. If you need to hide the lollies from the kids, or store hundreds of canned goods, a walk-in pantry is for you. Check out The Home Edit for some home organisation inspiration.


Lighting is so important to creating a homely, open planned feel. If it’s possible, include some sky lights into your design for that day time natural light. LED Downlights are also awesome for providing consistent light. Include some lights in your walk-in pantry too, for those easy to find midnight snacks!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so add features and alter designs to create the homely vibe that reflects you! Your luxury custom kitchen will be the talking point of every dinner party.