Landscaping for your custom home.

Luxury Landscaping is what your beautiful new home deserves.

More than many have commented that attention to detail is what sets great work apart from ordinary work, whether you’re making a piece of art or developing a new software app. It’s no different for custom homes. Landscaping design is a critical part of what makes a luxury home feel luxurious and should be a part of every great design process.

Great luxury home builders will seamlessly interweave a landscape project with the main home design. It is not to be seen as something separate from home building, but very much a part of it, like a frame for an artwork. A great landscaping job will be like a dance or a conversation between the outdoors and indoors, both relishing in the other.

The Front Yard.

This is the part of the home that will be the first to greet you every time you arrive, and will be the first impression any guests you have over will take in. Very often the front verge receives the most sunlight out of anywhere so it is a great place to create a beautiful garden, or perhaps lay down some luscious turf. It can be a great opportunity to plant some trees, and watch them grow and grow as you count the years in your luxurious abode.

There are so many imaginative and bold possibilities with how to design and construct the front yard. You can landscape your garden to a theme, a colour, or even take a sculptural approach. And with South East Queensland’s gorgeous and relentless sun, you’d be crazy not to make your front yard a place you want to be in often.

For some inspiration check out this array of possibilities.

Water Features.

There’s something about running water that adds tranquility and elegance to a home. If you want your home to be a refuge and retreat from the busyness of the world, then adding water features to your home could be the perfect option.

This could be positioned in a shaded area in the backyard with a casual outdoor setting perfect for a mid-afternoon tea and biscuits. Another possibility might be to use a water feature as a kind of transitory space which links the indoors to the outdoors.

Like all landscaping, the options are as wide and magnificent as your imagination.

An Alfresco space.

The word “alfresco” comes from an Italian word that means, “in the cool air.” In essence it is simply an outdoor area used for either dining, drinking or simply relaxing in the balmy Brisbane weather. 

If you construct your alfresco right, it will be the only place you’ll want to be throughout the warmer months, particularly considering Queensland’s climate. To make an alfresco space suitable for a luxury home consider having an outdoor kitchen, and you will find it will be the place to entertain. Lining the area with well positioned garden beds, and structural plants will give your alfresco a sense of space and class.

Pool spaces.

Nothing speaks luxury more than a stunning pool, and what makes a pool area truly sing is the quality and thoughtfulness of the landscaping around it. It is a popular idea to position your alfresco space next to the pool area for good reason. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than enjoying some drinks and an outdoor feast with the occasional swim to refresh yourself from the balmy Brisbane heat.

Around the pool area itself a glass fence is the only way to go to keep it classy, and the best choices for the ground are either timber decking, stone paving or honed concrete. Of course, water seems to scream out the need for plantation, so some well placed plants which tolerate lots of sun like succulents or evergreens are the way to go here.

The finishing touch.

Landscaping is like the last highlights applied delicately from a painter’s brush, or the final spices added for the perfectly balanced meal. Give it some care and consideration and you will most certainly reap the rewards!