The O’Shea & Sons custom home building process.

Thankfully Covid 19 hasn’t interrupted the home building industry in Brisbane too much.

In some ways there’s never been a better time to build – with our lives being slowed down due to our restricted social lives and a lot of us working from home. All that spare time could be used for thinking up your new dream home. If you are thinking about building a new home, we thought we’d give you an insight into what designing and building a luxury custom home with O’Shea & Sons will look like.

Step 1 – Initial Contact.

This is possibly the biggest step you’ll take: you’ve made the decision to build a luxury home. Congratulations! Your initial contact with us should be a celebration. We’ll want to get a brief idea of your thoughts and dreams for your home plans and then discuss what we can offer. 

This is an exciting time and should be full of fun and anticipation, as well as giving you a sense of our professionalism.

Step 2 – Relationship Building.

That’s right. If there’s one thing we understand that makes the building process run smooth it’s good communication between you and us. We understand that we are not only building a home for you but that we’re entering into a relationship. That means we want to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

We want to see photos that inspire you, drawings that you’ve been making, thoughts that are exciting you and then in return, share our wisdom and experience of over 50 years back to you. This is where the design process begins and where we begin to formulate how we will build your home, not just a house.

Step 3 – Engagement.

So far there’s been a lot of dreaming and getting to know each other, but this is the part where we draw up a preliminary agreement. Basically that means we’re both taking this turning-a- dream-into-a-reality thing seriously.

Step 4 – Consultancy.

Here we want to turn the more vague ideas and inspiration into concrete details. This is the time to indulge and use all those spare Covid hours you’ve been amassing. It’s time to draw out all the little details, nooks and crannies that will turn your house design into a home design.

We’ll bring in our interior designer to help plan with you for the greatest indoors you can imagine. After this, we’ll have all we need to get together the final quote for the proposed build.

Step 5 – Formalities

It’s time to sign the final contract! We know the word contract can be a scary word, but in reality it should be the most exciting word. Once this is signed we can crack the first bottle of champagne as we celebrate the newest future owner of an award winning home in Brisbane!

Step 6 – The build.

At O’Shea & Sons we estimate a build to take around four to five months. From the pouring of the first concrete slab, to the framing, to the enclosement and then to the final detailing. We’ll finish with some final checks and then hand you the keys. 

And once we hand you the keys,  how about we crack open that final bottle of bubbly!?

From start to finish we’ll be in a process that will be one the most exciting and profound experiences of your life. The south-East of Queensland is a beautiful place to live, so why should the experience of building here be any different!

For more inspiration about our work, check out some of our designs from the past here.