Custom Bathroom Must Haves | Your Dream Bathroom

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work, drawing yourself a hot bubble bath and settling in with a cold glass of wine for some end of day R&R. Picture it- you are laying in a bathtub the perfect size for you; it doesn’t require you to scrunch your knees up to fit in! You look around and see sleek, shiny tiles and perfectly painted walls. Every element of this room is screaming ‘welcome home’ to you, because you designed it, and it’s your dream come true. At O’shea, we love making dreams come true. Your bathroom is an integral part of your home. It’s the first place you visit in the morning after a big night’s sleep, it’s where you spend a fair chunk of your morning getting ready for work. It’s where you unwind after a long day, and it’s where you squabble with your muddy kids after an afternoon playdate. With a room so essential to your lifestyles, it only makes sense to include the best.

Ensuring Custom Bathroom Meets Your Expectations: Our 3 Must Haves


A lot of our designs feature light colour schemes, designed to really open up the space. These whites and greys are often complimented by a darker floor tile or a furniture feature and paired with some stand out stainless steel or matte black taps, making these bathroom elements really pop. Take the Effingham project #3 for example. This sleek design has marble styled tiles from floor to ceiling, with a darker grey vanity and matte black taps and shower frames.

We also love to see natural elements present in our bathrooms like wooden vanities and stone benchtops. Take the Aveness Project, we utilised a white and grey marble patterned tile paired with a wooden vanity and simple, shiny stainless steel taps.

Adding a little bit of greenery to the bench space gives it a pop of colour, really livening up the room. You can also consider coloured towels, or candles as a colour feature. Of course, the benefit of a custom bathroom is just that- it’s custom. We can design every little bit from the colour of the tiles, to the style of showerhead and the vanity to suit your desires and make your dream a reality. Don’t feel limited by our recommendations. We love originality!

A huge bathtub!

For someone like me who is a proud member of the ‘6 Foot Club’, I’ve spent my whole life convinced bathtubs are not made for anyone with long legs. I was wrong! If your dream has always been to lay in the bathtub with your legs stretched out, a custom bathroom is the time to see this become a reality. Bathtubs can be bought in a range of sizes, including tubs that are almost 2 metres long. If size is not a concern for you and you’re just looking for something aesthetically pleasing for the space, consider a matte black or stone statement tub.


Arguably the most important part of your bathroom is the storage! There needs to be room in the draws and cupboards for makeup and hair styling equipment, for face washes and towels. There needs to be room for tooth brushes and extra toilet rolls. Storing all of this will be next to impossible without a vanity to keep them in. Drawers in your vanity can be organised with clear dividers or acyclic boxes to keep all of your items in easily accessible places.

Dreams Do Come True

Whatever your bathroom dream, we can make it come true. Contact us today about your luxury custom bathroom goals! We love to see your dream become a reality.