Your Home-Building Journey

The build process is a collaborative journey that we take you on, and we want you to understand everything that happens – from your first hello, to our final goodbye when we hand you the keys. Click on any of the steps below to be taken to the explanation of that part of the process.


Week 1

This is where it all begins – you’ve made the decision to build your dream custom home, and begin to make enquiries with us. To start us off on the right path, you’ll complete a simple questionnaire, and we’ll have a preliminary discussion of your vision.

STEP 2: Relationship

Week 2

At this point, we want to get a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve, and have a face-to-face meeting to discuss your ideas and intentions, drawings you’ve done, photos you’ve collected, etc. – it’s really about mapping out where this build is going to go. It’s at this point you will engage a building designer, or we will introduce you to one of ours.


Week 3

So far, you like how everything is shaping up, and things start to get serious (in a good way) – here, we create a preliminary agreement.


Weeks 4 – 7

Now, you get to indulge yourself in planning every single detail of your dream custom home – it’s at this point that we develop the specification document outlining all inclusions for your new home. You’ll meet with our interior designer to indulge your interior design fantasies, and finalise selections of all interior finishes/appointments. At the end of this, we’ll sit down and review everything with you, and it’s at this point that you’ll receive a detailed quote for the proposed build.


Week 8

We’re about to get to the most exciting part (and begin construction of your dream custom home), but as with anything as exciting as this, we need to get through the formalities first. Here, we’ll finalise all plans, schedules and check lists, and sign the final contract.


Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – construction commences. This will take 4-5 months – to give you an idea:

Week 1 – 3 of build: Base stage

Starting with a clean slate, the site is cut, retaining walls constructed and slab poured.

Week 4 – 7 of build: Frame stage

The beginnings of a house take shape! The frame goes up, flooring systems are installed, and roof trusses and rafters are installed.

Week 8 – 11 of build: Enclosed stage

The build is moving at full pace, and we hit an important milestone – the house becomes a house! At this point, the roof and cladding are installed, external painting has begun, and utilities like water and electricity are beginning to be installed.

Weeks 12 – 15 of build: Fixing stage

The end is very near now, as all sub-contractors have finished their work -painters have begun inside, floors, stairs and tiles are installed, and the cabinetry is being installed.

Week 16 – 19 of build: Practical Completion stage

This is it! All work has been completed, and after some final checks to make sure it meets our standards, the keys are handed over and you’re moving in.