Join our Crew!

Our team is looking for more people to join our mission of supporting a sustainable and responsible Housing Industry for all.

At O’Shea & Sons Builders our vision is to create a better quality of everyday life for our clients by building them well-designed, high quality, and functional homes. We strive to grow our business through honesty, integrity, and the use of sustainable practices & building materials. Our endeavor is to provide a supportive and educational environment for our team to strive and thrive and reach their own personal goals and fulfilled way of life. If you would like to join a team of hardworking, talented, and dedicated home builders, please get in touch!

We are looking for people with on-site experience with a passion for not just doing a quick job, but a quality job. We are a family business – both in origins and in spirit, are incredibly proud of our success in leading the Queensland Housing Community towards a more thoughtful, sustainable, and inclusive future. Any applicants will need to be excited to contribute to this core goal of our business and day-to-day goings-on.

Check out our galleries to see the kind of projects that you would be helping bring to life! To learn more about our ethos and experience, check out this article on Universal Housing Design, and check out what can happen in just one year with our crew by watching our 2020 Wrap Up Video!

There are multiple positions available, so all inquiries are welcomed to see if we can find a good fit for both of us! Give us a call on 1800 717 477 or drop us an email at to introduce yourself!