The pleasures of the perfect bathroom.

A good bathroom design is quintessential to any luxury home. A place of solitude and refuge to have a brief, yet beautiful moment away from the noise and busyness of everyday life. A warm bubble bath, with a glass of wine can be the perfect way to de-stress and revitalise your energy.

Whether you’re starting a build from the foundation up, or you’re looking for a complete bathroom renovation, giving time and attention to making this modern sanctuary perfect will be a return on investment for many years to come. Here are some quick ideas on the main features to help get your imagination going


There are essentially two types of bathtubs to choose from and your choice will always be a balancing act between space and style. If you’re limited on space you’re probably better off going for an inset bathtub. Easier on the bank account, and a more traditional, practical style, often combined with a shower head. Don’t take that to mean these bathtubs are tacky, nestled in the right corner they will become a place of holy retreat.

If you love design, and have the space then a freestanding bathtub may be the option for you. A little pricier, but these will really set your bathroom apart. There are so many stunning options out there, your only problem will be choice!


The toilet may well be the most underrated aspect of any modern day house. Choosing one will depend on whether you like to spend some time there – maybe catching up on the daily news – or whether you like to be in and out!

As far as functionality goes, they all do the same thing, so this choice is really just a question of style. The most popular is a wall faced suite where the back of the pan sits flush against the wall so there is no gap. This creates a strong look and makes it easier to clean.

There are definitely high end designs, such as the new rimless toilets, which will certainly add an air of sophistication and will likely become a talking point at your next dinner party!


Tapware is like the icing on the cake, or the jewellery to the dress, which means go for your personal style! Whether you like subtle yet strong tones, or ornate and glamorous, there will be tapware that suits you. It can be tempting to skimp on tapware because it feels more like an accessory, but they are more critical to the functioning of the bathroom than you might imagine.


There are three things to think about when it comes to choosing a basin:

  • Shape. This is pretty much a choice between round and rectangular, and anywhere in between.
  • Design. This ranges from wall-mounted, to above counter basins, to undermount basins.
  • Material. Choose from Cast Polymer, Composite, Copper, Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel.

Considering that you’ll want a certain consistency with your tapware, adding all these variables together means if anything you’ve got too much choice!


Bathrooms and tiles go together like Strawberries and cream. Tiles are in bathrooms worldwide because they’re water resistant, durable, low maintenance, affordable and the design options are endless.

Simple ceramic tiles are safe, affordable and look elegant. If you want decorative or colourful, then expect to pay a lot more. Often just a strip here or there of decorative tiles is the perfect way to add a bit of colour while keeping it classy.

Layout and Design

Putting all these elements together takes careful consideration and is worth consulting an expert over. Considering the outdoors lifestyle of many who live in Brisbane and the south East of Queensland, it’s likely that a durable and sturdy bathroom is in order. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice sophistication, in fact, all the more reason to pay even more attention to making your bathroom a place of true restoration and relaxation!