Queenslander Renovations

When renovating a Queenslander Home, you want someone who knows the history and important details behind the Traditional Queenslander Home. That’s O’Shea and Son’s Builders.

Transform your Queenslander Home

The architectural and construction directions of the past in Brisbane have led to the arrival of a style unique to the state – The Queenslander. A blend of American and English styling, with sensitivities for the unique climate of the area has informed this nationally recognised style. The unique features of this architectural style means that it takes a trained eye to know how energy should flow in the home and where the best updates can come from without blowing out a budget and requiring outlandish alterations.

Getting your renovations done.

With a passion for Queenslander Homes, O’Shea and Son’s Builders is not only the best for the job in skill, but our enthusiasm for your dream home is what sets us apart from the rest and gets the job done. 

design that is remarkably practical

O’Shea is passionate about sustainability, and creating a product that will not only last, but have timeless style. O’Shea strive to build forever homes, to suit your needs today, and your growing needs in the future.