Pole Home Builder

As part of our offering, O’Shea and Son’s Builders are capable and eager suppliers of Pole Homes. Suitable for all sorts of types of property land, pole homes are as versatile as they are impactful.

We build elegant Pole Homes that last

Pole Homes originated from a need to create long lasting homes, safe from water and land disturbance below. Here at O’Shea and Son’s, it is our highest priority to create homes that stand the test of time, no matter the environment. More importantly, making a home that reflects the needs of its occupants for the decades to come. 

Pole Homes that stand above the rest…

No matter your needs or the levels of the land, we’re pole home builders who have the experience and knowledge you can trust to make the necessary alterations so that your home is as safe and strong as it is stylish. 

pole home design that is remarkably practical

O’Shea is passionate about sustainability, and creating a product that will not only last, but have timeless style. O’Shea strive to build forever homes, to suit your needs today, and your growing needs in the future. Pole Homes are exciting designs that have endless potential for practical additions that add value and convenience to your home.