East Meets West with this Stunning Queensland Home

The essence of Queensland living and the beauty of Indonesian culture come together in this unique project.

Original Article written and published by CompleteHome.com.au

A professional couple living in Jakarta with their daughter owned a block of land in the heart of New Farm, a trendy suburb in Brisbane, Queensland. The site had become run down and decrepit, so in a collaboration between O’Shea & Sons Builders, Merge Interior Design and Jazz Designs, a welcoming and functional space was created that brought together the essence of Queensland living with the clients love of Indonesian culture.

“The clients were living in Jakarta at the time with plans to move to Brisbane, bringing with them a number of Asian-inspired furniture pieces. We selected a relatively monochromatic scheme with pops of reddish-brown timber to tone in with his existing furniture,” says interior designer Joanna Kane of Merge Interior Design.

The key design feature of the Harcourt Project was carefully blending two cultures: the Australian aesthetic and locale with influences and statements that acknowledged and celebrated the family’s memories of living in Indonesia. To do this, the physical space was built around bringing in natural light and airflow from the outdoors, creating space and capturing the spirit of Queensland living.

A variety of external cladding and screenings interacted in many ways. They came in varying shapes and sizes, textures, colours and finishes. As an example, the James Hardie cladding demonstrated the yin and yang when the Axion applied in horizontal linear pattern directly interacted with the Hardiflex with its featured timber batten overlays. The colour and material palette of the home embraced Indonesia’s rich earthy culture and included rustic blends of brick and warm timbers with natural, earthy greys and blacks.

“As you walk through this home, from the front door to the back, it’s as if it just keeps opening up, connecting with the neighbourhood, connecting with the backyard … the way you’re carried through the home is amazing,” says Nick O’Shea from O’Shea & Sons Builders.

The connection between indoor and outdoor spaces was key to this project’s design, and various elements such as wall placement, sliding doors, and flooring materials contribute to this seamless flow. Wide stair treads are another example of creating an overall feeling of spaciousness, peace, and wellbeing — all highlighted in the client’s brief for his relocated family.

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