Getting your home ready for the Brisbane Winter

Winter is just around the corner, so Brisbane homeowners need to get ready for cosy, restful season!

Although the journey to and from the winter solstice is usually a brief visitation in the southeast of Queensland, that doesn’t mean you need to struggle through it. In fact, if done right, the winter months can be a beautiful reprieve from the relentless heat of Brisbane – a time to rest and rejuvenate, ready again for another glorious Queensland summer.

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your home ready so when the cold does hit, you’ll be ready to enjoy all it has to offer. Here are our top tips to make your luxury home even more luxurious this winter.


There’s nothing more unwelcoming than a house that’s too cold. Having the temperature right is one of our basic human comforts and will make or break your enjoyment of winter. 

If you’re living in a custom luxury home there’s a high likelihood you’ve already got a sophisticated air conditioning system in place. If this is the case, it’s probably worth investigating the state of the filter. Energy professionals recommend the filter be changed every few months. 

Considering that you’ll be habitating indoors more frequently, changing your filters will give you the cleanest air possible.

If your air-conditioning doesn’t extend to the entire house then gas heaters are the best option for large interiors. If you have small rooms that need regulating, electric heaters are a brilliant and energy efficient way to heat a room.

Window coverings

Heat can only stay indoors if there’s proper insulation. So while light sheer curtains are perfect for summer, they are not ideally suited for winter. Changing curtains to a heavier, denser material which covers a greater surface area of the window is the simplest and most effective way to keep your house warm, particularly throughout the night.


Our minds are a fascinating phenomenon, especially when it comes to colour. There are “cool” colours and “warm” colours and our perception of these can actually alter our bodily states of reception. In summer, bright colours and large swathes of white seem to welcome the sunshine offering a sense of freedom and play. Likewise, warm, rich tones such as terracotta or olive green will create a cosy environment which ‘trick’ the mind into feeling that an interior space is warm.

Experiment with an array of decorations and décor around the house to see what best works for your individual taste. It doesn’t need to be grandiose: a few subtle treatments will make a surprising difference to the comfort of your house.

The Bed

You can apply the warm colour theory here too, for example, try adding a rich mahogany blanket to your bed for impact. However, there’s a limit to how much you can deceive your mind. When it comes to temperature, the body will always be master. So, buy the best doona you can afford: good quality wool and feather doonas will keep you so cosy you may find yourself wishing summer will never come again!


If your floors are not carpeted, expect your feet to be cold for the winter months.  No technological feat to heat can compete with a cold floor. Thankfully the fix is easy and somewhat charming: a couple of well placed carpets.

Commence with the bedrooms: waking up to put your feet on a cold floor is no one’s idea of a good time. Follow by laying more in the main living room areas. By the time you reach this stage you may find that you wish to carpet the whole place! Don’t forget you live in Brisbane, and summer will be back before you know it.

Outside clothing

As delicious as it is to have a warm welcoming interior, your clothes play just as important a role. Buy yourself a quality pair of warm shoes and a winter water-proof jacket. As compelling as it is to stay inside over the winter, you’re still going to crave the outdoors. Warm clothes will reduce the barrier to getting yourself outside and being amongst the cool elements will only increase your enjoyment of the cosy haven you’ve created inside.

Brisbane, if you take some time to come to grips with the fact that winter does indeed come to the sunshine state, you may discover there’s a lot of joy to be had!