Why you need art in your custom home.

Designing and building custom luxury homes is an art in itself.

It means paying attention to detail from start to finish to make sure that every little corner and crevice adds to the whole masterpiece. It should take your breath away the moment you set your eyes upon the exterior only to then draw you inside where comfort and peace become your close companions.

If the home is a work of art, wouldn’t it then make sense to adorn your walls with original artwork too? We think having art in your custom home is an essential part of any luxury home, and here’s why.

What is art?

People have been discussing art – what it is and what it does – possibly since the first cave drawings were made many thousands of years ago. Many believe that art is actually the defining characteristic that separates humankind from other animal species. We won’t be so bold as to offer a definitive answer, but artist John Demarco makes a compelling suggestion:

Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.

Ever witnessed a sunset, or an image, or heard a piece of music that stops you in your tracks and you find it almost impossible to put words to the feeling? That’s the power of art. If you could bring those kinds of experiences within the walls of your own home, why wouldn’t you?

Home is a place of rest.

We live in a busy world, with technology expanding so quickly sometimes it’s hard to find a single moment where we can sit back and just relax. Artist Junot Diaz says it like this:

The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time.

With technology now entering a custom home in unprecedented ways, it can be easy to lose connection with the world of nature. Having the visceral and often imperfect nature of art around us reminds us of our nature and invites us to slow down. Having an art-full home will create a space that encourages you to pause, unwind, and truly enjoy the space within which you live.

Your custom home is an extension of yourself.

The way your home is designed and decorated is another expression of who you or your family is. The cliché a picture tells a thousand words is a cliché because it’s true! Sometimes we don’t have the words to express who we are but a certain sculpture, or painting or colour will do it perfectly.

Taking the time to make your home as an expression of who you are won’t only make your house feel like a home, but it will be a great point of discussion whenever you have visitors over. When you offer a little of yourself in the way you create your home, people feel inclined to share more of themselves and you will find your interactions with others will be far richer and satisfying if you take the time to make your home yours.

Choosing art can be difficult.

Making your custom home an artwork is not as easy as you’d think. How do you know whether you like a painting or not? And where would you go to find good pieces of art?

Thankfully, living in the south east of Queensland you are more than spoiled for choice. There are thousands of Brisbane artists who devote their lives to making beautiful things. It’s no secret how much we love our home city,  so we’d suggest beginning your art buying journey by seeking out some local galleries and meeting local artists. Here is a list of 20 current Brisbane based practicing artists whose works will no doubt make your home feel alive and vibrant.

There are no rules as to what ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art is, the best way to know whether you like something or not is to take the first step and begin somewhere. So what are you waiting for? Go and turn your luxury, custom home into a true piece of art!